We all want to improve our riding and do what we can to continue learning. It is important that we make sure that we are learning the right lessons as we go along,  with a trainer that can give you the instruction and support you need to get into the ring and win! Join our winning team...We are confident that you will love our facility, staff and our services. We have a package for every budget. Call us today to schedule a tour!

We also offer assistance in the purchase of a new horse, or selling your current horse. Professional assistance is crucial in helping you to make an important decision on a purchasing the right horse for your ability. One that you will have many years of enjoyment with.

Golden Gait Farm  offers several types of packages for all lifestyles. For the full time working individual,  we have a full service board, which consists of feeding, turnout, daily grooming, and tacking up for you every time you call and schedule to ride or lesson.

For the person who prefers a more "hands on" relationship with their horse, we have a basic board, which provides daily feeding, and turnout. We save the rest for you!

For the person who has a young horse, or someone who still enjoys their horse, yet can not ride for whatever the reason, we offer a full riding/training board in which you pay a flat fee and your horse is ridden 4-6 times per week, depending on their  individual requirement. 

We also offer a retirement board, which is the same as the full service board, minus the tacking up. It is a wonderful way to feel secure that your long time companion retires in style, with the care they deserve, instead of being tossed out in a field and forgotten about.

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